Chapter Program

The Role of Chapters

High school chapters play an integral role in Wartime Aide and follow a two step process:

  1. Educate themselves and other high schoolers about refugee issues using Wartime Aide's curriculum and discussion guides.
  2. Reach out to teenage refugees coming to their school and their community in order to build a peer-support network.

This program allows our chapters to become more empathetic towards the issues facing refugees and allows them to put this newfound understanding into action.

Chapter Education

Wartime Aide provides every chapter with a simple curriculum about refugee issues. This means Wartime Aide will give chapter leaders a video, article, documentary, etc. along with a discussion guide for their chapter's to use at a meeting. This is intended to catalyze conversation among high schoolers about refugee issues going on around the globe. In addition, our hope is that these discussions will lead to a greater understanding of what refugees are going through.

Chapter Outreach

Wartime Aide does its best to stay in contact with the closest refugee resettlement agency to your chapter. This means we can alert chapters when a refugee teen is coming to their school or commmunity so that they can help set up a peer support network. Setting up a peer support network includes inviting them to social activities, sports games, and other extracurricular activities. Wartime Aide closely guides chapters through this process.


Chapters are welcomed to coordinate with Wartime Aide to plan fundraisers. Not only does this financially support Wartime Aide's mission but it also serves as a great way to reach out to your community and create more awareness about refugee issues.

Start A Wartime Aide Chapter

Are you a high school student who wants to help provide a refugee student with an education? If so, then please reach out to to start a Wartime Aide chapter at your school.

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